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Playing in Toronto and need a creative, sexy team to promote your journey into the music world? After a couple of drinks and good music of yours, deary music team will blow the mind of anyone who will follow their channels away, with no extra charge of erasing your fans’ memories except the night if you wish.

Or need a night out to relieve the stress out of your body but don’t know what to do? Follow this page then you’ll have a neat schedule possibly every night in few years.

NOW! As it needs an effective team building to capture the good work, you need to meet the team players.


Itır, a.k.a the smiley writer and the interviewer of the blog, has been writing stories since she was 10, might add she has a gift, loves listening new bands, going to concerts. She’s been passionate about this project all along, even though it started as a hobby, she and Mustafa (please see below) take very seriously what they do. Mainly she is the one who introduces the bands of her and Mustafa’s choices by writing the blog or interviewing them whereas Mustafa does the hard work of controlling all the scenes, shots and the sound of the videos.

Mustafa, a.k.a. the artist with the cheeky smile, has been creating visual stories since he was 15, and oh boy, he’s really good at it, is actually the one who proposed the idea to create this blog as he believes in his and Itır’s works. /gossipmodeoff He is the guy behind the camera, knowing how to rule the world but acting humble. His works will give you a better view to the bands, or your band. Pretty sure, the colours and the sound will amaze you dearly while reading the summary of the night and learning few facts about the bands.

They both have been living in Toronto enough time to get acquainted with local bands and now they want to introduce them to people who don’t know what to do cheap, fun and nice for the night.

Please check and follow their instagram/twitter/youtube/facebook page.

Facebook: https://facebook.com/dearymusicto

Instagram: http://instagram.com/dearymusic

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dearymusicto

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU8JPvVTwqDO_KNCwMmoB9A

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